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Real Name: Michael Shawn Hickenbottom
Hometown: San Antonio Texas
Height: 6'1"Weight: 225 pounds
Pro Debut: August 1984
Signature Move: Sweet Chin Music (superkick often preceding the move with a foot stomps called "Tuning up the Band"
Trained by: The Legendary Jose Lathario
Nicknames: HeartbBreak Kid (HBK), The Showstoppa, The Headliner, The Mainevent, Mr. Wrestlemania, The Icon
Career Higlights:Three Time WWF/WWE Champion, One Time WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Three Time Intercontinental Champion, Four Time Tag Team Champion, One Time European Champion, Two Time Royal Rumble Winner(1995, 1996), First Grandslam Champion, Fourth Triple Crown Champion

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Michael Shawn Hickenbottom was born on July 22 1965 in Chandler , Arizona. The son of Ms. Carol Hickenbottom and Mr. Col. Richard Hickenbottom and the last of four children - Randy, Scott and Shari. Shawn spent a brief part of his early years in Reading, Berkshire, England but mainly grew up in San Antonio Texas.Since at the age of 12 , Shawn knew he wanted to become a professional wrestler and was already an athlete and began his career when he started playing football as a stand-out Linebacker at the age of 6. He attended Randolph Highschool and eventually shawn became the Captain of the Football team. Shawn attended Southwest Texas State University in San Marcos Texas after graduating at High School, but soon he realized that college life was not for him. Then shawn began persuing his career of a professional wrestler.Shawn was trained by the legendary Jose Lathario and began his career in Mid South Wrestling in 1984 before coming to WWE.Shawn had a severe back injury in 1998 and as a result this was forced shawn into retirement and was taught the GREATEST CAREER in Wrestling to come to an end but shocked the whole world when he returned to WWE ring in 2002 and later on went on to win his fourth WWE Championship. Shawn currently performs on the Raw brand of WWE.

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feel free to write to Shawn Michaels and send your mail to:

Shawn Michaels
C/O World Wrestling Entertainment
1241 East Main Street
Stamford , CT 06902

Also you can contact him through his Official WWE Universe Account below.

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Shawn's full name is Michael Shawn Hickenbottom
Shawn is married to former WCW Nitro girl Whisper
Shawn is the youngest in the family
Shawn became a father on january 6 2000 after rebecca gave birth to there 1st ever baby cameron
Shawn has several tattos, a tattoo of heart with sword through it with what appears to be a snake around it in the shape of an "S" ; a wedding finger ring tattoo with the letter R symblolizes for his wife name Rebecca ; a left wrist tattoo bracelet designed with the name of his son cameron ; on his left leg he has a picture of his wife ; the other leg has the picture of state of texas ; on his right hips he has a small broken heart with the letters HBK above it.
Theresa was shawn's first wife.
Shawn is ambidextrous
Shawn was raised catholic and became a born again christian when he marry rebecca
Shawn is the one and only, the original founding father of dx
Shawn is the first ever grandslam champion
Shawn was trained by legendary and fellow san antonio native Jose Lathario
Shawn won his first WWF Championship at wrestlemania 12
Shawn was in amateur wrestling when he was on high school
Shawn is the only one who won the first ever hell in a cell match, elimination chamber match, iron man match
Shawn won Male celebrity of the week on june 16 1998
Shawn has a black dog named Droopy and two other dogs named Marge and Homer
Shawn is an avid fan of country singer Garth Brooks , Green day is another favourite of his
Shawn's name "The Heart Break Kid" was given by the late Curt Hennig
Shawn admired wrestlers like Ric Flair, Tully Blanchard and Wahoo Mcdaniels while growing up
Shawn posed for a NON nude layout for Playgirl magazine in 1996
Shawn favourite song is entitled " Friends in Low Places" by garth brooks.
Shawn's favourite sports (besides wrestling) is foot ball
Shawn's favourite actress is Demi Moore
Shawn's favourite actors are Robert de niro and Al Pacino
Shawn was the first to won two consecutive Royal Rumbles (1995, 1996)
Shawn's favourite fast food is pizza
Shawn's favourite food is Chicken and Rice

behind his name ······································································································································································
Michael m, English, German, Czech, Biblical
Pronounced as MIE-kul
From the Hebrew name Mikha'el meaning "Who is like God?"
This was the name of one of the seven archangels in Hebrew Tradition and the only one identified as archangel in the Bible in the Book of Revelation in the New Testament he is portrayed as the leader of heaven's armies, and thus is considered the patron saint of soldiers. This was also the name of nine Byzantine emperors and czar of Russia.
Michael, a 2 syllable boy's name of Hebrew origin, mean Who is like God?
Shawn m,f English
Pronounced as SHAWN
Agnlicized form of SEAN, also use as a feminine form.
Shawn, a 1 syllable unisex name of Hebrew/Irish origin, means God's Gracious
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